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PreSale Plan

Private Sale


30% Bonus Tokens

  • 10 Bln ULTI Tokens + 30% Bonus!
  • Only whitelisted addresses
  • 0.5 BNB – 5 BNB
  • 300 Guaranteed Spots
  • 10% unlocked at TGE, 20 days cliff
  • 1% unlocked daily after cliff
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PreSale 1


10% Bonus Tokens

  • 7 Bln ULTI Tokens + 10% Bonus
  • Only whitelisted addresses
  • 1 BNB – 10 BNB
  • 10% unlocked at TGE, 20 days cliff
  • 1% unlocked daily after cliff
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PreSale 2


5% Bonus Tokens

  • 8 Bln ULTI Tokens + 5% Bonus
  • Only whitelisted addresses
  • 1 BNB – 20 BNB
  • 10% unlocked at TGE, 20 days cliff
  • 1% unlocked daily after cliff
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PreSale 3


3% Bonus Tokens

  • 9 Bln ULTI Tokens + 3% Bonus
  • Only whitelisted addresses
  • 1 BNB – 30 BNB
  • 10% unlocked at TGE, 20 days cliff
  • 1% unlocked daily after cliff
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PreSale 4 & 5

$0.0005 - $0.0006

0% Bonus Tokens

  • 21 Bln ULTI Tokens
  • Only whitelisted addresses
  • 1 BNB – 50 BNB
  • 10% unlocked at TGE, 20 days cliff
  • 1% unlocked daily after cliff
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6% Tax - Deflationary Token

2 %
Everytime someone buys or sells ULTI Token, we give back 2% to all token holders. See your ULTI's grow by just holding!
2 %
Deflationary - burn on each transaction. The ULTI's supply is limited, and there will be even less ULTI's! Keeps the price up!
2 %
Automatic Liquidity Pool that's forever locked. Lets the Dev Team and all Holders sleep well at night.

Join the community of Game Artists,
Developers and Gamers

Developing games based on NFT assets can generate huge revenue opportunities. Same NFT game assets should not be used in multiple games to maintain scarcity and protect the Artist’s and Game Developers’ works. By HODLing our ULT tokens you gain both FREE tokens and also support Game Artists and Developers.

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Game Assets
Tokenizing game assets and verifying their origins can lead to greater revenue for Artists and Developers
Game UI's
The user interface is an internal part of any game, with our NFT Marketplace Developers can securely buy & sell their UI's with transparency and traceability.
Game Music
We strive for the future of Game Development where every asset can be used seamlessly between games, that includes Sound & Music.

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ULTI Max Supply 250 000 000 000

Tokenomics that rewards ULTI Holders

We believe that a strong community should be rewarded, as such we dedicate 30% of ALL platform fees to ULTI Token Holders. It not only incentivizes the community to hold ULTI tokens, but also provides a passive income mechanism for our supporters.

250 billion max supply
We want to keep the supply limited to ensure long-term growth value of ULTI token HODLers.
Presale and Private Sale - 24%
We aim to make ULTI the ultimate coin for the gaming community. The max supply is set at 250 bln tokens, with Private Sale and Presale to make up around 24% of total supply. The remaining will be released for the Public Sale as well as generated through Community Mining and Proof-of-Gaming.
30% of all Platform revenues will be distributed to HODLers
We believe the community deserves Revenue Share in our platform's operations.
Public Sale - 37 bln ULTI Tokens
A total of around 15% max supply will be generated through the public TGE.
36% of max supply or 97 bln ULTI Tokens will be community-mined
Communtiy Mining and Proof-of-Gaming will ensure that there will be a fair way to earn ULTI tokens: through participation in Discussion Boards, Competitions, Tournaments and by playing games offered by our Game Studio Partners. The consensus mechanism for PoG will be formed in later phases and we will let the community know exactly how it works.
Private / Presale Hardcap is $20 mln
The funding will go to: Platform Development, Marketing, Charity, Advisors, Bounties / Platform Incentives, Reserve for Partnerships and more.
Liquidity Pool will be locked on Unicrypt or similar service
The contract address for LP will be locked.
Vesting period for Dev Team's allocation
Dev Team will get compensation through a vesting mechanism - at 5% each month. We're in this for the long-term!

Platform fee's will be shared with ULTI Token holders

30 %
Goes to all ULTI Token holders
5 %
Dev Team
35 %
Platform Development
30 %
Marketing and Artist Onboarding

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Support us in building the first NFT Marketplace for Game Artists and Developers – be our early investor!

Price goes up 100% in