Ulti Arena - NFT Marketplace for Game Assets with Proof-of-Gaming

Ulti Arena is the first NFT Marketplace for Game Assets and Arts. Join our marketplace and sell your Concept Arts, 3D models for Crypto!



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Sell your Game Assets as NFT's

1 %
First 100 Artists will get 1% transaction fee for first 3 months of selling on our platform. Join now and be one of the early-adopters!
3 %
The rest of the Artists that sign up before platform launch will get 3% transaction fee for first 1 month on our Marketplace.
6 %
Our standard transaction fee for each NFT sale! The rest stays with you! Imagine selling your Game Art for $1000 then you only pay $60 in fees for us.

Sell your works as NFTs now!

Have your 2D/3D arts laying around in your portfolio? Now you can sell them as NFT’s and generate additional revenue! Who knows maybe it will be like Cryptokitties or other valuable crypto NFT’s worth $100k and more?! Join us now and sell your arts as NFT’s.

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Game Assets
Tokenizing game assets and verifying their origins can lead to greater revenue for Artists and Developers
Game UI's
The user interface is an internal part of any game, with our NFT Marketplace Developers can securely buy & sell their UI's with transparency and traceability.
Game Music
We strive for the future of Game Development where every asset can be used seamlessly between games, that includes Sound & Music.

Get early access to your Game Arts advertising

Join early to access all the perks!

We believe that Game Artists and Developers should be rewarded! By joining our NFT marketplace you will be also visible to Game Studios and also Crypto Investors. Maybe you could also find your next job or project to work on?

Why should I sell NFT's?
It's a great way to increase your earnings! Have Game Arts / 3D models that are laying around in your portfolio? You could easily sell them for ETH, BTC and BNB and earn extra money outside of your current projects.
What does it cost to sell?
For each sale we take 6% transaction fee. For example, say you've sold your NFT for $1000 (in crypto) - then we'll automatically deduct $60 from that sale in crypto to our wallet. But by joining early as one of the first 100 artists, you'll get special fee of 1% for 12 months. The rest of artists that sign up before our launch will get 3% fee for first 3 months after launch.
How will you promote artists on the platform?
We're already working with several international marketing agencies. We'll also run Facebook, AdWords and Influencer campaigns to promote your NFT's in Gaming and Crypto world. We'll also run marketing campaigns in local languages such as Russian, Chinese and Korean - where crypto investors are in highest numbers.
Do I need a crypto wallet to sell NFT's?
Yes - you need MetaMask or TrustWallet so that our marketplace could connect with your wallet.
Can I sell my NFT's immediately?
No - we will need to verify that it's you who's the owner of the artworks. We don't want fakes and will curate our platform so that only original and high-quality Game Arts can be sold. We will be doing the vetting process manually.

Get into NFT's to maximize your visibility

50000 $
Monthly spending to promote your NFT's! We'll have an exceptional Marketing team to help you sell your Game Arts to Crypto Investors
69 mln USD
Was the highest-grossing NFT sold by Beeple's! Maybe you'll be next?
1 mln USD
The amount we've already raised from Crypto Investors which will be spent on NFT marketplace development and marketing
200000 Unique Visitors
Each month, we'll have hundreds of thousands crypto investors visiting our NFT marketplace hunting unique Game Arts!

Sign Up Early Access!

Support us in building the first NFT Marketplace for Game Artists and Developers – be our early seller!

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