Tokenomics - Ulti Arena
Contract: 0x42BFE4A3E023f2C90aEBFfbd9B667599Fa38514F

ULTI tokens use cases

30% revenue goes to Buybackk & Burn
For each sale, Ulti Arena will charge 6% transaction fee in ULTI Tokens, 70% of that will go to Dev Team, Development and Marketing wallets, 30% will be sent to Buyback & Burn.
Buy & Sell Gaming NFT's
Artists, Game Developers will earn through sale of NFT’s through the marketplace
Community Mining
By participating in the community discussion boards, events, competitions, tournaments: Gamers, Artists and Game Developers will earn ULTI tokens.
Gamers can earn tokens while playing games. An ULTI Game Client will be developed which serves 2 purposes: analyzing player’s behaviours and actions to recommend and summarize reporting, the 2nd purpose the game time serves as a Proof-of-Gaming when the more the Gamer plays, the higher probability the Gamer will earn ULTI Tokens.
Staking / Special Access
ULTI tokens can be staked for special NFT rewards. Option to highlight and promote assets, merch on NFT Marketplace will be available only to ULTI token holders.
Discounts and Voting Rights
Commission discount on each purchase and sale on our platform in return for holding ULTI tokens (special prices on Spaces feature: showcasing portfolio / build own Artists’ website in the SaaS model, on Collaboration features: getting comments on Artworks and more). Users with ULTI tokens will also vote on important milestones.

6% tax on every transaction, 2% Profit from just Holding!

2 %
Everytime someone buys or sells ULTI Token, we give back 2% to all token holders. See your ULTI's grow by just holding!
2 %
Deflationary - burn on each transaction. The ULTI's supply is limited, and there will be even less ULTI's! Keeps the price up!
2 %
Automatic Liquidity Pool that's forever locked. Lets the Dev Team and all Holders sleep well at night.

Allocation in %
  • Proof of Gaming
  • PreSales
  • Reserves
  • Liquidity Fund
  • Team
  • Development & Marketing
  • OTC
  • AirDrop

Max Supply - 250 000 000 000 ULTI Tokens
Max Supply - 250 000 000 000 ULTI Tokens

After Private and Presale events, ULTI tokens will be available for the general public once we launch on PancakeSwap and other CEX’es.

A total of around 7% max supply (or 14,7 bln ULTI Tokens) were sold in PreSale phases, with around 46,6 bln ULTI’s already burned. Starting liquidity for ULTI’s is $1 mln and you can check our official liquidity wallet.

Max Supply after burns: 204,365,825,459 ULTI's

18% of total supply in Private & PreSales
18% of total supply in Private & PreSales

We aim to make ULTI the ultimate coin for the gaming community. The max supply is set at 250 bln tokens, however before launching on PancakeSwap we already burned 45,648,408,152 ULTI’s – so the Total Supply is now 204,365,825,459 ULTI’s, with PreSales that make up around 7% of total supply (or ~14,7 bln ULTI Tokens).

The remaining will be for Liquidity Fund, Reserves, Team and Development/Marketing as well as generated through Community Mining and Proof-of-Gaming (53% of Total Supply).

The supply generated by Private/Presale events will be unlocked 10% at TGE/IDO, 20 days cliff (the remaining 90% will be locked for 20 days) and then 1% unlocked daily, which ensures price stability when the Public launch is set due. All tokens outstanding from PreSales were burned.

Allocation Percentages Amount
PreSales 6,72% 14,720,790,591
Airdrop 0,12% 250,000,000
OTC 4,89% 10,000,000,000
Reserves 4,89% 10,000,000,000
Liquidity Fund 9.79% 20,000,000,000
Team 10,77% 22,000,000,000
Development & Marketing 10,77% 22,000,000,000
Proof-of-Gaming 52,05% 106,380,000,000
TOTAL 100% 204 BLN

Revenue split from all platform fees

30 %
Buyback & Burn
5 %
Dev Team
35 %
Platform Development
30 %

Buy on PancakeSwap on 12th September!

Jump in and be our early investor.

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Contract: 0x42BFE4A3E023f2C90aEBFfbd9B667599Fa38514F